Annual Boat Outing

The Annual Boat Outing is a great chance for members to enjoy some camaraderie together out on the water.  It is traditionally held in the month of August.  Members and guests meet at MacRay Harbor, sail across Lake St. Clair, and meet at North Channel Yacht Club (NCYC) on Harsens Island for lunch.


Participation is restricted to members and their registered guests only. If you have a boat you are more than welcome to fill it up with your guests and dock at NCYC. If you do not have a boat, transportation is being provided courtesy of Clinton River Cruises, it holds up to 60 people with a cash bar.


If you do not want to travel by boat you are more than welcome to drive around Anchor Bay towards Algonac to Decker's Landing, the Fin Runner boat will shuttle you over to Harsens Island. To register, simply click below and register here on our website.


If you are taking your own boat, then please let us know if you have room for additional passengers!

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