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Membership Requirements

To be eligible for Membership, an applicant must maintain at least one (1) of the following requirements:


  • Reside in Macomb County, maintaining a permanent address within the county, regardless of whether the property is owned or rented.  If the residency is in question on the face of the application submitted, or in question by use of a Post Office Box, upon request by the Membership Committee, the applicant must provide proof of residency by means of personal identification with the State (driver’s license, personal identification card showing the city/county address) or Macomb county records (deed or title to residence).  Or,


  • Maintain a permanent work/office address within the County, regardless of whether the office facility is owned or rented by the applicant, and regardless of whether the applicant is an owner or an employee of the business.  If an employee, the employee must show a representation of the business as designated in writing by the employer.  The applicant must provide the valid Macomb County work address on the Membership application for verification by the Membership Committee.


Attendance Requirements

Attendance and participation of Members for the previous 12-month period shall be reviewed no less than quarterly by the Membership Committee. The Member must attend six (6) meetings within the previous 12-month period excluding excused absences to be eligible to continue to be a member in good standing. As reflected in the Bylaws, the Membership Committee has complete discretion to determine whether extenuating circumstances exist and may waive compliance with this requirement.



Special Leave Request


As stated in the Bylaws, Regular Members in good standing who are unable to comply with attendance requirements for personal reasons, should notify the Membership Committee and request a leave of absence in six (6)-month intervals, not to exceed one (1) year in order to avoid possible termination of Membership for lack of attendance.


Interested in joining?

Fill out the inquiry online.

All potential members are required to submit to a background check by Selfridge Air National Guard Base, per U.S. Government rules and regulations

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